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“Get Rid Chest Acne Scars” Naturally With The Scar Solution

Introduction To The Scar Solution

The Scar solution is a new 2018 treatment that naturally reduces, fades and diminishes all forms of scars including surgical, acne and cuts/grazes all in the comfort of your own home.

Chest Acne Scars – How To Know If You Have Them

Chestne is a short word for chest acne and you are going to find out how to naturally cure chest acne scars.

Acne on the chest leaves holes, pits and scars where it once was, these scars range in all sizes and can completely change the image of someones chest. Generally scars will fade over a year however your going to learn how you can heal your scars. reducing the size and colour within a month.

You only live once, I personally gained great results. Here is your solution to chest acne scars.

Ultimate Pimple Popper… Don’t Bother Untill You See This

Pimple Popper Tool

Pimple Popper

Best Pimple Popper Of All Time

For decades it has been debated whether using the classic fingertips or the revolutionary pimple popper tool was better at doing what we need… Pop pimples (Safely)

In this Ultimate Pimple Popper Guide you will find out everything you need to know about pimple popping, using the right tools that have been genuinely used and reviewed for the best customer satisfaction. But first, what is better?

Using those highly trained fingertips or the special device that does it for you with little effort. Lets look at the Best selling pimple popper here on Amazon. (I’ve Used)


However using fingertip is not a bad method. Fingertips and Tweezerman must be thoroughly cleaned before using on skin to reduce the chance of infection, acne breakouts and inflammation. However I strongly advise you do not pop your pimples because it can cause scarring.

Sometimes there are times when you think ” I can’t walk around with this big zit on my face” and times like this is when Tweezerman would be very handy in your make up bag, bathroom or handbag because it can effectively pop visible pimples without making a mess. See more reviews of Tweezerman Skin Care Tool at Amazon Here.

When Is The Right Time To Pop Pimples

The body will heal and make a spot go away with time however if you just cannot wait, then here is when, how and why.

There are best times, believe it or not when to pop pimples to help skin heal and these times are when a pimple has been white looking for a while. When a pimple is changing colour to yellow/green its safer than when its just emerged. DON’T TOUCH WHEN JUST A RED BUMP AND NO HEAD. *Rhymes*.

Grab your Tweezerman and apply gentle pressure to the area using which ever end of the skin care tool feels more comfortable and looks the right size for the pimple. This will evenly push pus, oil and oil up and out of pore. Be gentle to reduce chances of damage and wash Tweezerman after use. Is it really that simple? Yes.

Once squeezed use a tissue to catch and then use a pimple cream if you feel it needs more attention after.

How To Use Fingertips Properly

  1. Always thoroughly wash hands and fingertips.
  2. Wet face with warm water to open pores.
  3. Gently using tissue if preferable push either side of the pimple starting gentle and getting slowly harder.
  4. Apply pressure from all angels, if it hasn’t come out yet then its most probably not ready.
  5. Dab with tissue and wash face with a cleanser.
  6. Wet face with cold water to finish of and close pores.
Pimple Popper Guide

Dermatologist Pimple Popper

That’s how you should pop pimples when they are ready. (My personal preference) is the Tweezerman because its quicker, easier and especially with my skin doesn’t cause further pimples to form around the area from the pressure of my fingers. The Tweezerman is a good investment for life but I wouldn’t recommend borrowing your friends one.

How To Get Rid Of Blackheads

Blackheads are those little black dots that generally form around the nose, chin and forehead and are harder to squeeze then inflamed pimples. Good news for you is the Tweezerman is for blackheads to, so same applies for pimples. I still get occasional blackheads that sneak up on my skin and I use this Pimple Popper on these to effectively get all the oil, dirt and bacteria out of blackheads.

In Conclusion

In conclusion pimples and blackheads are very common in teenage years and for some adults so buying a good 4.5 star rating product to keep in your bathroom you can catch those cheeky pimples, spots and blackheads that surprise you in the morning. I still use mine to this day and that’s why I recommend it to anyone who suffers from pimples, acne on anywhere on the body including the face. Get yours today here at Amazon.

Pimple Popper Acne




Top 5 Remedies For Pimples On Cheeks… Get Rid Naturally

Do You Get Pimples On Your Cheeks?

Find out some simples steps to reduce, stop and prevent pimples on cheeks coming back.

Pimples can affect many areas of the body and are more prone to some areas than others. Areas prone to acne pimples are the back, neck, face, chest, shoulders and bottom however pimples can arise anywhere they please and some people get them on the scalp, toes and cheeks. Here are 5 simple ways to get rid of pimples on the cheeks.

1. The most important: Touching, if you want your acne and pimples to go away then you will need to leave them alone, and they will leave you alone. I know the urge to pick, squeeze and itch pimples but it only makes them spread, worse and scar. For that reason rule number one is   Never touch your cheeks with anything until pimples have gone. Popping pimples on the cheek area is dangerous because skin easily scars in this area and fingertips/ hands carry bad bacteria which will cause more acne pimples so by leaving them alone it reduces the chance of pimples coming back.

2. Daily Cleanser: What do you use to wash your face? Face washes can cause pimple breakouts especially products that are not for sensitive skin. If you suddenly have started gaining pimples then it could be because of a change in your daily routine that your skin doesn’t like. Using a good daily cleanser for sensitive skin will keep skin fresh without causing any further breakouts.

3.Irritation: This can be the main cause of random pimples and acne breakouts because when two surfaces touch in a way they can rub and become irritated. For example, a scarf (around neck) touching skin can cause a pimple to emerge due to the scarf clogging pores up by blocking the entry or covering pores accidentally. Try to avoid all contact with cheek pimples.

4. Washing/Showering: The shower water will generally hit the scalp first and all the water will then (due to gravity) go down the cheeks/face to the shower floor. Hair becomes greasy within a day or two and grease can travel down onto cheeks with the shower water. This can cause pimples and acne breakouts. By washing hair first you can greatly reduce this and prevent pimples on the cheeks.

5.Temporary Cream: You can not touch pimples so what can you do? Apply a small amount of pimple/ spot cream to the pimple area to let it dry skin out to reduce the pimples from spreading into more. A good pimple cream that I recommend is this one on Amazon. I have used this one on my pimples and safely works fast at reducing the size, redness and chances of spreading. Limit time only get 2 for 1 here


Alternatively if your looking for a way in which to naturally get rid of angry pimples then Tea Tree Oil For Pimples is very effective for breaking down inflammation and sore skin. Watch This First.

In conclusion

Pimples on cheeks are really easy to get rid of when you apply these 5 tricks. By avoiding touching these you can greatly reduce your pimples naturally and using a excellent pimple cream like the one suggested above will benefit your acne pimples. If you want to use tea tree oil for your pimples then make sure you use it correctly to get the best results. Thanks for reading this please *like* if it makes you one step ahead of your pimples from now on.

Hope This Helped

How To Get Rid Of Acne On The Back And Chest | Acne Free Within 3 Days


What Is Acne And The Causes

Acne Vulgaris is the proper name for ‘acne’ and there are many forms of acne such as hormonal acne, cystic acne, back acne (Bacne) and many more that all effect skin in similar ways but each uniquely. Mild- severe acne is common in teenagers/ young adults and is caused by excess oil due to hormones in the body being ‘more active’ with growth. However its more common than you may think for adults to not wave goodbye to their acne in early 20s, and continue to suffer from acne and body acne up to 40s and 50s.

85% of the  population get acne at some point in their life. Generics can cause acne to be worse in some families this but doesn’t mean it can not be cured.

There are many causes of acne and some of these are:

  • Foods that are high GI can cause hormones to escalate and cause acne breakouts. (Cereals, Junk Food)
  • Picking, iching and squeezing pimples causes scars, more acne pimples and just makes skin much worse.
  • Face washes, cleansers and shower gels can cause acne to become inflamed and angry if contain stronger ingredients that react with acne. (keep reading to find out more)

These were just some of the courses of acne but what I am going to be talking about is how to get rid of acne on the back and chest, naturally with a original best seller since 2003 (Plus Money Off Link If Your Considering).

How to get rid of acne on chest

Back and chest acne is hard to hide especially in the summer months when its hot and sweaty, so dealing with this requires good trusted treatment without any side effects that will do the skin internally and externally good. Some external treatments on the market can have side effects like stinging, burning and dry skin however I am going to show you a completely natural way to cure your back and chest acne within weeks that you cannot ignore.

Before I Show You Treatment I Will Give You Some Advice On How To Reduce Acne Easily (Anywhere On The Body)

Body acne can be caused by a number of reasons however normally is caused by irritation, sweat and diet.

What I mean by this is the clothes you where could be irritating your skin and causing acne breakouts to irrupt. For example tight clothing will cause pores to become blocked due to skin not being able to breathe whilst doing its natural routines to keep skin fresh. Avoid wearing tight clothing and if sweat try to wash of acne prone areas within an hour to avoid further acne breakouts.

Shower gels and shampoos, these can be the main culprits when it comes to washing sensitive skin. If you are prone to acne your skin will be more sensitive than normal and the slightest strong ingredient in your favourite body wash can spark/trigger acne. Using a mild body wash daily will greatly reduce acne anywhere on the body.

The natural Treatment is called acne no more and the reason I want to bring this to your attention is because it is what every acne sufferer is talking about because its completely natural and actually works. You can find it here.

What this does compared to other treatments on the market is go into depth about acne, what causes body acne and how to cure your acne within weeks and permanently in months. It takes a natural approach working from the inside out to stop acne from the start.

Acne No More Scam

Since the age of 11 I suffered from severe acne on the neck, back, face and chest like I had been dipped into a ants nest head first. It wasn’t a issue from the waist down. I then heard about this natural treatment and after reading some positive comments I purchased Acne No More to become pleasantly surprised that it actually helped me a lot more than I thought it would. And I didn’t even take it seriously for the first week. In this program they give you step by step guides and make you more aware of how to cure acne on the back, neck, chest, face, you name it they know. It has so much detail it will take you a while to get through it all and by then you should have clear skin. The 100% Money Back Guarantee will make sure of that.

Within the first week my acne had died down all over my body and then roughly the half way through the 3rd week my parents and friends started noticing. (Which was the best part)

I am still using to date and I am 6 weeks in at the moment so I am recommending it to everyone and the best part is I found a link to get it cheaper so ill share that with you at the end. Acne No More claim that within 2-3 months it will clear completely and my personal review on this is 5/5 stars. (just wish I got the discount link first even if it only saves a few dollars)

Acne No More Discounted Link

Finding out how to get rid of acne on the back and chest is hard especially when treatments can cause unwanted side effects on such open areas of skin. My approach was the best approach and it was completely natural.
Acne No More
Date Published: 05/21/2013
This is one of the best decisions I have made for my acne on the chest and back and is showing better results by day with no side effects, what so ever. Very pleased with this product and gladly recommended.
5 / 5 stars


Getting Rid Of Acne

Hope this helped

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Top 4 Benefits Of Grape Seed Oil For Acne Prone Skin And The Best Ways To Use (Can It Improve Your Skin + Acne In A Week Review)

grape seed oil benefits acne prone skin

Best Grape Seed For Acne Oil Now %23 Off!

Amazing Natural Grape seed Oil Benefits For Acne Pimples, Spots And Acne Vulgaris Anywhere On The Body



Grape seed oil is becoming more popular because it is a beneficial way to help reduce cancer, wrinkles and treat acne naturally. Sounds like a miracle but does Grape seed oil really work on acne prone skin or does it make skin worse. Find Out The Best 4 Benefits Of Grape Seed Oil.

Where Does Grape-Seed Oil Come From And What Is Inside In This Oil

The grape seed oil is made by cold-pressing the grape seeds in grapes. It has been extensively used around the world and is abstracted all over the world where grapes are.  It contains high quantities of Vitamin E, F and also, proteins, lipids, minerals like zinc potassium, copper, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and selenium. Not forgetting carbohydrates and antioxidants too. But most of all grape seed oil is rich in proanthocyanidins (OPC) a compound that is high in antioxidants which are  claimed to be 50 times more effective than Vitamin E and also 20 times stronger than Vitamin C. Antioxidants are found in grape skins and seeds and are more concentrated in red and black grapes than green.

Even though grapes are cultivated for thousands of years, grape seed oil was not produced or used until the 20th century because the relevant equipment for obtaining it from grapes was poor and not effective enough for a large scale and also because grape seeds contain a lower percentage of oil as compared to other oil-producing seeds, beans, or nuts.

Top 4 Best Benefits Of Grape Seed Oil For Skin And Acne Prone Skin

Applying grape seed oil to skin is a very effective way to reduce acne breakouts, clear skin and reduce  conditions like acne returning.

  1. The First Benefit: The first benefit of grape seed oil when applied to Acne Prone Skin is that it will reduce/remove existing pimples, spots and blackheads that are inflamed, sore and angry within a couple of days of application. This is because anti inflammatory properties are possessed in this oil which work wonders for acne of all forms including, hormonal acne, cystic acne and mild to severe acne vulgaris. Anti inflammatory properties are in 99% of all acne treatments that clear skin of acne and Grape Seed Oil uses this but naturally and organically.
  2. The Second Benefit: Oily skin sufferers will see improved skin tone and reduced acne marks when used regularly on acne prone skin areas such as the face, neck, back, shoulders and upper chest. This is because one of the main ingredients Astringent, tightens and tones biological tissues in the skin to  improved looking skin and complexion. This will also minimize under-eye circles and reduce wrinkles from first application.
  3. The Third Benefit: Natural moisturizer that will not cause acne breakouts or inflammation. This is what every acne sufferers wants and needs because moisturizing skin can always cause huge acne breakouts(I know my skin does). The trouble with moisturizer for acne is that oils, liquids and gels help pores clog when applied due to moisture. This can be a big problem however grape seed oil is a great way to remove dry skin, eczema and sensitive skin whilst not causing breakouts. This is because Grape-seed oil is thin that will not clog pores when surfaced on skin. Instead it will absorb into skin without causing irritation and build up.
  4. The Fourth Benefit: The normal oils produced on the skin can irritate skin when excess which causes acne however, by using a linoleic acid combined with natural oils it soothes skin and calms. Guess what oil has fatty acids in it (linoleic acid). Yup Grape Seed Oil! By applying Grape Seed oil you can sooth skin and this will prevent acne from coming back for good. Apply every 1-2 days for best results.

So it fights existing acne, keeps skin moisturized safely, prevents acne returning and reduces marks left behind. What more can you ask for?


Grapeseed oil bottle benefits acne

What is Grape Seed Oil Like?

Grape seed oil(pictured) is a light green colour oil that feels similar to bio oil and can be bought in bottles like the one pictured. It is used for cooking mainly thus being available in most supermarkets to date around the world. The benefits of Grape seed oil are that it spreads well on skin and has little to no smell or taste which makes it a brilliant skincare product or hair products.


Grape Seed Oil For Acne And How To Use/APPLY To Acne Prone Skin

One benefit about grape seed oil I forgot to mention was how usable and efficient it really is. You can apply this oil to moisturizers, face washes, morning cleansers and many more knowing that will improve your existing acne and prevent acne breakouts. Irritation can be a ‘big problem’ for acne skin. This oil will not irritate or cause clogged pores to become sore/inflamed instead, applying and using grape-seed oil will prevent acne breakouts and stop pores from clogging in the long run.

This makes grape-seed oil very beneficial for acne but you are probably thinking “why apply more oil to my oily face”? (Will this not make my acne breakouts worse?)

The simple answer to this is No. This is because this is no ordinary oil and will not stay on the skin for long before absorbing into the skin. This means that it will disappear into the skin shortly after applied without to much massaging into skin. Also this oil possess antioxidant ability which prevents pores clogging once applied and absorbed into skin plus it has one of the best properties which are used in almost every acne cream, system and treatment that is used to “clear skin for good” without drying skin and causing scars. Grape Seed Oil Acne

Anti Inflammatory– This is so popular for treating acne, cystic acne and hormonal acne for all over the body and is needed to reduce the sore redness of existing pimples, cysts and pustules. By having an anti inflammatory as an added bonus it will greatly reduce acne by helping sooth inflamed skin. (Which is caused by acne and makes acne worse!) This is a great way to help clear acne with grape seed oil.

The Best Ways To Use Grape Seed Oil On Acne are:

  •  Buy Grape Seed Oil Here or get your bottle of grapes seed oil handy. This Brand Is The Best And 100% Add a couple of drops to your morning and night face wash (2-4) per wash and massage into skin
  • Apply directly to skin after shower using fingertips. Makes sure fingertips are clean and you are gently in circular motions. (avoid applying to much, a 1-2 drops is enough)
  • 5 drops of grape seed oil in bath water will dramatically help body acne
  • Mix this oil with your daily moisturizer. (this is my favourite) I add it to the moisturizer in the bottle and use within a month. (personal preference)

Use any or all of these daily or several times per week to see results and also will help dark spots that ‘Don’t Go’.

How Can It Improve Your Skin Other Than Acne

Using it in any of the above will not only help clear but will also look after your skin with some extra bonus goodies. This is because of all the minerals and vitamins in grape seed oil are beneficial to all skin types inside and out. Regular use can help skin tone become fresh and radiant especially when used before bed and first thing in the morning. The vitamin C is the key when it comes to evening out skin tones and vitamin C is in Grapes which makes this a quick and cheaper way to help skin tones then forking out for pricey products that do the same. Money saver.

Anti Aging is heard far to often and this is because everyone wants anti age creams, tablets and foods to help keep their skin looking its best. Believe it or not this oil massaged into skin can help with wrinkles and fine lines too. Regularly use will show marks, lines and wrinkles fade naturally using Organic Grape Seed Oil on Amazon.

Sounds Brilliant For Skin But Find Out What Are The Side Effects Before Using

Grape seed should not be used with any other medication unless seen by a doctor because it may interfere with prescriptions and over the counter medication. (ie acne medications such as benzoyl peroxide). Antioxidants in grape seeds can boost active ingredients which can cause problems. See a doctor before using with medication.

Grapeseed Oil On My hand

Grape Seed Oil On My Hand

*Fact* The oil used by massage therapists is grape seed because it acts as good lubricant for massaging and spa.

In Conclusion (review)

My skin is very oily and my personal experience is that I prefer this to other oils like  Jojoba oil, tea tree oil and coconut oil because these do not irritate acne prone skin and cause acne breakouts like other oils can. The oils on your face can clash with other oils applied to skin and this is why grape seed oil works better for skin because it absorbs quickly prevents build up of natural oils whilst fighting inflammatory acne and keeping pores fresh. This oil is very beneficial for acne prone skin and can improve your skin even if you do not suffer from acne because it has a high amount of ingredients which help breakdown existing pimples, prevent pores from clogging( causing acne breakouts) and is gentle on skin by not irritating further. Read More Customer Reviews On Grape Seed Oil For Skin Care At Amazon Or Alternatively Find The Best Price For Grape seed Oil For Acne By Clicking Here.

I think the positives outweigh the negatives greatly and is a must try on skin with acne or not. I hope this has opened your eyes on how grape seed oil is not just used for cooking and how it can be used on skin and skin conditions such as acne too.

Thanks For Reading – If you use a natural oil or remedy on your acne prone skin, share it below we want to hear it!

The Acne Diet: *REVIEW*


Holistic Plan to Achieve Clear, Youthful, Acne-Free Skin with Natural Nutrition,
Stress Relief and Organic Skincare

The Acne Diet book was published on the 11 of January 2013 and since then has become a very popular buy for acne sufferers. In fact it is the highest bought book about acne right now on amazon. Today we are going to review this book and see what all the fuss is about and if it does what it says on the tin. After all don’t judge a book by its cover.

Julie Gabriel, the author of The Acne Diet is a holistic nutritionist and the founder of organic skincare brand. Julie Gabriel speaks about how tough acne can be for sufferers and how easy to it really is to “get rid of” acne. If you want to know how using only the best natural/organic ways then Acne Diet is just for you. She also explains about how foods can cause acne breakouts(High GI), what some beauty products do for skin and the best nutrition to say goodbye to acne once and for all.

  • Inside this book you will find information about health benefits of skin-clearing nutrients, vitamins and minerals as well as latest scientific findings about skin-damaging effects of common foods and various food and cosmetic additives.
  • You will learn which foods will help make your skin clear and glowing and which ones you should avoid as they can trigger further acne outbreaks. You will also understand how to take care of your skin in the most natural way and how stress relief helps maintain glowing complexion.
  • Teaches you how to eat and take care of your acne-prone skin naturally, without use of conventional acne treatments that often have unpleasant side effects.
  • Clear explanations how to make changes in your diet to achieve clear complexion and Scientifically proven effects of certain nutrients and food additives on acne condition.


This 215 page book contains 8 chapters rich with pictures, foods to fight acne and detailed descriptions on everything from hormonal acne to natural skin care and acne residue once its gone. Also the added bonus of using pictures for description purposes so anyone can understand what causes acne. And Dont Forget How To Cure Acne.

 Acnediet reviewMy personal Review On The Acne Diet By Julie Gabriel

After finishing the last page I realised that I had been introduced to pimples, spots and acne in a completely different way. The saying “you are what you eat” seemed to be the impression I got of The Acne Diet because it explains why foods effect your hormones(which are the main reasons for acne breakouts) and how to solve this issue. Julie Gabriel thoroughly explains what acne is, how your skin is effected and what you personally do day to day that causes acne returning morning and night. All with simple, natural organic ways which are the best with no side effects. Lets talk about the positive and negative points and find out whether it helped my acne.


The positive points about this book is the price mainly as it can be bought of amazon(one of the largest brands) for only $12.83 which is brilliant for a book that could banish your annoying pimples, spots and acne for life whilst preventing acne build ups and scarring in the long run. The worst part about acne is that it leaves scars once it has gone so you will have to remember it forever, that’s why you want to fight acne early! Take My Word, Got The Scars.

Another positive point about The Acne Diet is that if you follow the routine you feel better about yourself inside and out which really is a great feeling especially for people who have tried many products and had little to no improvement. 215 pages of goodness inside and out is excellent compared to other products on the market like Acne No More charges $30+ for a book which has 223 pages and is generally similar.

  • Inexpensive (cheaper than its rivals)
  • Inside and Out In Simple Steps (Feel Better Too)
  • Very descriptive and Down To Earth


Throughout the book I found that Petite Marie Organics was referred for their organic products (which can be expensive) a few to many times which sounded like Julie was trying to sell these products herself which at one point made me wonder. However other than that I felt the book was overall a “Good Bang For Buck”.


The Acne Diet Review Acne Diet Amazon

Rating 4.5/5

Price 12.83

Relatively New (January 2013)

Buy It Now Here (The Right One)

The Acne Diet: Holistic Plan to Achieve Clear, Youthful, Acne-Free Skin with Natural Nutrition, Stress Relief and Organic Skincare < Paperback Or Kindle Edition

My personal review is positive of this book because the price is inexepensive and has plenty of knowledge on acne and how to cure it. I think the price will rise soon due to high demand and The Acne Diet is new so grab yours today while you can.






In Conclusion ( Did It Work For Me )

The Acne Diet needed to be review because after reading this I felt that it is a good source of information about acne, simple way to learn how acne happens and why acne breakouts happen and course inflammation and soreness of the face. However this did not cure my acne purely for the fact that I didn’t really take it seriously because as soon as I gained results I would stop reading the book then when ever my acne reared its ugly head again I was head down in this book learning more. This did work for me and I did start seeing results in the first week of reading this book and it was very understandable. It took me roughly a week and a half to get through the book because I get bored easily.

It cleared inflammation on my skin and redness and I also experienced less pimples if any in the morning, which would make my day a good one. If your passionate about clearing your skin from pimples, blackheads and acne breakouts then Acne Diet by Julie Gabriel is a brilliant place to start and you should see results sooner rather than later depending on how serious you are.

Hope This Helped


Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil For Acne (Pimples, Spots And Skin)

I now use this – 4.6 rated on AMAZON here (1000+ agree)

Tea Tree Oil Pimples, Spots And Acne


Tea Tree Oil for pimples and acne is a very common topic that has been debated about for a while on whether it clears acne prone skin, prevents acne breakouts  and prevents returning acne overnight. The good news is that Tea Tree oil can help your skin if applied correctly. Not sure what causes acne? See – What is acne?

This magical wonder has been around for centuries and comes from a plant in Australia known as the Australian Tea Tree. Tea Tree Oil has been used for thousands of years as a natural remedy for all types of skin problems. Infact, in Australia (where I currently am living), the biggest sand island in the world Frazer Island has a natural pool of water where tea tree falls into the water. The locals have worshipped this place, as a place of healing. Its the same as what I recommend using above 🙂

Being a natural remedy and used for Ingrown hairs, athletes foot, cuts/burns and Acne it normally is a safe first option to treat acne because the side affects are minimal. The best natural anti fungal, antibacterial and antimicrobial is Tea Tree Oil and we are going to talk about how it can be used on Spots, Pimples And Skin. You’ll see how easy it is to use and how it works wonders on inflammation and bacteria. (Which are very Common for Acne) Many people claim results overnight.

Acne tea tree oil

The Best Tea Tree Oil For Acne Prone Skin

Personally I have tried multiple brands and oils for my skin and these are my 2 favourite and why.

  • Edens Garden– My personal favourite, I got my first results on my face and bacne with this brand. After plenty of research I chose this brand because of the reviews online, its pure and the 30ml option is good value for money, I still use it to this day! I experimented with this one to find that using just before bed and applying directly to pimples would prevent irritation in my sleep and make my skin clear in the morning. I strongly recommend this one, get the 30ml however as you may want to apply to other areas of skin.

Value Pack – 30 ml Tea Tree 100%


  • Aura Cacia –  Aura Cacia is a good brand, especially if you prefer using essential oils for many different purposes like adding to moisturisers and hand cleansers and is the cheapest around. I remember that’s why I purchased it because of the price and I am sure it hasn’t changed. (has a nice logo too)

Aura Cacia Tea Tree Essential Oil, 0.5


How To use Tea Tree Oil On Spots, Pimples And Acne.

What Actually Happens When Applying Tea Tree Oil (Spots)


Pimples, spots and zits are normally inflamed due to bacteria build up. When a pimple occurs it is because a pore on the surface of the skin has become blocked or clogged due to sticky oil, bacteria and dead skin cells. This blockage will cause the pimple, spot or zit to slowly increase in size like a balloon.

There is bacteria living on the surface of the skin and this bacteria will work its way into the spot/pimple and flourish inside, resulting in the area becoming inflamed and angry. This results in the picture Below.

Tea Tree Oil acne vulgaris

Inflamed Pimples


When applying Tea Tree Oil on this angry, inflamed area it will:

  • Soak deep into pores
  • Remove and kill bacteria with its antibacterial
  • Help reduce inflammation (red soreness)
  • Clean area of excess oil and dead skin cells
  • Prevent the pimple form coming back


Now, you may be thinking this is a miracle product for acne sufferers but unfortunately not. Some claim to see results overnight where as others within days of using Tea Tree oil on spots and Acne however it needs to be used correctly otherwise can cause soreness, redness and dry skin if used to regularly. Tea Tree Oil Must Not Be Used Internally and Be Careful If Used Orally. Drinking can cause the brain and body to feel confusion, disorientation, excessive sleepiness, hallucinations, and even coma confused.. Apply on your skin externally!

 Best Tea Tree Oil For Acne (And How Often To Apply Tea Tree Oil Here

If you haven’t already got tea tree oil, the best oils are 100% pure like this one on Amazon – Tea Tree 100% Pure Essential Oil – 10 ml or the one used in this video is

  1. Remove lid
  2. Add tea tree oil to a cotton bud, cotton pad or tissue
  3. Dab pimple, spots and red areas with Tea tree oil gently
  4. Do not apply to much pressure to the area
  5. Leave on overnight or for as long as possible

Or Alternatively you can:


  • If you have a cleanser that you use regularly. Add a few drops and use caution around the eye area.
  • 1/4 to a 1/2 of a cup of plain yogurt. Add 4-6 drops and apply to face to make a mask. Leave on for 10-20 minutes (20 preferably) then rinse of with cold water.
  • A couple of drops to your bath can be a very easy way to help your acne on your body.
  • Can be added to moisturiser but be careful with the eyes again (can sting)


So the question is should you use tea tree oil on your spots? The answer is yes you should try it on your spots pimples and acne. WHY? It helped me, loads of people around the world, its cheap, natural and easy to use.  Try the one recommended and enjoy the benefits overnight. See here which popping tool everyone is now using.

In Conclusion (My Thoughts)

Best Tea Tree Oil For Acne pimples

Check out the review for this 100% Tea Tree Oil Here

We have talked about the benefits of tea tree oil for spots,  acne skin, how to use tea tree and should you really use tea tree oil for spots.  Personally I love using tea tree oil on my skin now.

After shooting the video on how to use tea tree oil for spots, I purchased a 100% tea tree oil from Amazon here to use before bed because I felt that the 15% before just wasn’t doing it for me.

I have been experimenting and using this every 2-3 weeks now, just to keep my inflammation acne on my face down and under control. Personally I think this natural antibacterial, anti inflammatory will be part of my daily from now on as my skin has really cleared up.

If you are looking for “quick results” and minimal side effects unlike some of the tropical remedies for acne and spots such as Benzoyl Peroxide which may have worse side effects to the skin over time, you should give this a go.


Alternatively, if your looking to permanently remove acne and all forms NATURALLY. You need to read this Ebook. It comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, a proven recipe and plan. Ryan… Give me 60% off and show me how 129,912 customers permanently got rid of their acne here.

Do You Have Scars? Aloe Vera Gel For Acne Scars Can Really Help If Used Like This


The Skin Condition Acne leaves unsightly scars after its had its fun and gone and these scars usually look like thousands of holes from small to big on the surface of the skin. Treatments for these scars can be more expensive than normal scar therapy because they are harder to treat and can become worse with surgical treatment. Acne scars can be embarrassing and depressing for sufferers. Lets face it, no one likes their scars so why use Aloe Vera for acne scars?






  How Do Scars Rear Their Ugly Heads?


The top layer is the skins natural barrier and this is where the opening of the pores, hair follicles and skin surface is. This top layer is called the Epidermis as you can See in the picture.

Scars are formed when an inflamed Pimple, cysts or bump heals and the basal layer(Yellow Arrow) of the Epidermis is completely destroyed preventing the normal collagen that would heal, healing. Instead, newly formed collagen fibers appear and form a fibrous completely covering the damaged skin to prevent any further damage. We commonly refer to this a scar tissue and fibrous resembles fibres by the way.

The Dermis is the second layer and is very useful because it consists of loads of tough fibers that gives your skin its elasticity, firmness and strength. The Basal layer of the Epidermis is arrowed yellow and the Dermis underneath supports the Epidermis and consists of elastic fibres, collagen and small blood vesicles. Also the sebaceous glands sit here.  Scar tissue replaces the area that was damaged and therefore no hair follicle or sweat gland reside here anymore. Imagine a hole and it cant repair probably so it gets cemented with scar tissue.




How Can Aloe Vera Gel Help Acne Scars?

Aloe Vera has many different minerals, enzymes and acids in it which are used to heal burns, wounds and scars. The gel inside Aloe Vera is where the magic is and to get to this you will need to break off a Aloe Vera leaf, remove the contents and rub into your scars.

Within 2-4 weeks of applying Aloe Vera to skin roughly 6+ times a week will show:

  1. A Decrease in Size and Density
  2. Softer to touch
  3. Less redness of area
  4. Not as Noticeable

Aloe Vera can be used internally as well as externally. Aloe Vera has natural collagen in the gel which is what your skin used to repair damaged skin. By consuming collagen you are helping your immune system repair your skin inside and out. Aloe Vera can be mixed with other juices such as cranberry, orange or anything to help the taste because Aloe Vera is not the tastiest. Yuk!



What Does Aloe Vera Do To Scars And How To Use On Scars?

Aloe Vera acts a ‘Stepping Stone’ or ‘Building Block’ to repairing damaged tissue like Scar tissue. It has been used for decades and still to this day for its healing properties. It has shown scientifically that the gel inside Aloe Vera plants rapidly decreases scar tissue by helping produce new skin to reduce swelling of visible scars and discolour. However Aloe Vera may be used to help but it will not ‘make your scars go away’ instead it will do the best it can to reduce what you have.

Simple is key, and Aloe Vera is just that. Either purchase a cheap 100% Aloe Vera Cream or gel like this one Ocean Potion Skincare 100% Pure Aloe Vera Gel After Sun Care — 20.5 fl oz
and massage into scarred tissue skin or remove a Aloe Vera plant leaf and squeeze the “Goo from the Gods” out and apply to face directly.



If you have a scar or many I strongly suggest you try Aloe Vera as it is inexpensive or even free and saves you money and has the added benefits in the long run for your skin and your immune system. You cannot loose, its natural so hardly any side effects and is packed with minerals, vitamins and enzymes which are all good.

See Aloe Vera on acne for more information on applying Aloe Vera on scars for directions and how.

Hope This Helped

“How Can I Prevent Acne From Coming Back” (Easy)

Do Your Pimples, Blackheads And Spots Keep Coming Back?

Acne is the term for pimples, blackheads, white heads and sore inflamed skin on areas such as the face, neck, back and chest. Acne effects 80% of the population from the age  of 11 onwards and can be worse for people who genetically may gain spots, pimples and acne due to parent, grandparent or even great grandparents. Acne Vulgaris is very common in your teenage years to experience and normally will move on like your crazy hair do’s however many adults get acne in there 20s – 30s which can be depressing. “How can I Prevent acne from coming back” is a common question I get and in order to prevent acne we need to know what causes acne and the main cause is sebum, which is basically an oil that is used to keep your skin fresh, soft and from drying out, and irritation/bad habits can cause acne breakouts.

Pores On Face

Sebum is produced by a gland underneath your skin called the sebacous gland, the sebum then rises up through your pores (pores look like holes, see picture for idea) and on to the surface of the skin. In the process the oil carries out bacteria and dead skin cells to stop the pores from clogging up/becoming infected. Sometimes dead skin cells can get trapped in these pores or extra oil can stick together with the dead skin cells to block the exit of the pore, this causes a blemish which will turn into a pimple, white head or blackhead underneath the skin. These can naturally happen depending on how much oil your face produces however they normally will stay under the skin until disturbed, put pressure on or touched (irritated).

Enough About That, Lets Get Started (Prevent Pimples)


So, you want to reduce your sore skin, reduce the redness and possibly watch it go away in days. Well your in luck and I may just be able to help you. Here are some key things you want to do to prevent acne for free.

  • Scrub your face until it goes red and angry? Hm mm well obviously not in fact you want to avoid washing your face more than twice a day, Morning and night. This is because your skin is very sensitive with acne and can become inflamed just by touching it so when washing or using a cleanser on your face be as gentle as you can and do not push, rub deep or even rush. Washing your face more than twice a day will wash away the oils to much where they will not be able to remove the dead skin cells and bacteria from under the skin resulting in…. You guessed it. Acne Breakouts.
  • Itchy spots or lump, give them a quick itch no one is looking? NOO! As I mentioned before your skin is very sensitive a bit like an wild angry tiger. If you poke, touch or get close that cat its going to scratch. Your skin has millions of dead skin cells laying on the surface of the skin and by itching, touching or rubbing you are pushing those skin cells into your pores potentially blocking the oils escaping resulting in more pimples forming.
  • Use the right cleanser to wash your face. What this means is finding a cleanser that is not strong or rough on skin. For example Sanex Zero CLICK HERE To View . Because it is for sensitive skin and will not irritate acne just remove excess oils. ( I have personally used this Sanex and I recommend)
  •  Keep you bed sheets and pillow cases clean (change regularly) and if you have an animal avoid letting them sleeping on your bed. This is because animals naturally shed hair into the atmosphere and those hairs can get stuck to your face causing infection and leading to sore bumps on acne prone areas.
  • Hot, Sweaty and Relaxing. A Sauna can help, try using a sauna to help bring out trapped oil in your skin every now and then.

It all Comes Down to 4 Tasks


  1. Don’t touch.
  2. The right cleanser, or face wash for your unique skin.
  3. Keep clean and your acne will too.
  4. Don’t be afraid to try new things. (like the video below)


How Can I Prevent Acne

Now Only 4.99 Here

In Conclusion everything we have spoken about is simple, easy and free to do. However I strongly suggest you try Sanex out or any other product that is for sensitive skin and only use it once a day. If your looking for a completely free and natural way to cure acne then THIS Article will help you further and will benefit you greatly if you definitely really want clear skin. 

Keeping the animals out of your room cannot be to hard and cleaning your sheets every week is not a hard task either. Just avoid touching your face in general, use the mild shower gel Sanex on face in the shower (to prevent irritation) and you, your friends and family will see a noticeable difference in your skin.

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If your looking for ways to clear your acne up naturally or “get rid of acne” then this site is guaranteed to help you in some way, shape or form. Our categories are on the right hand side and they include:

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Acne Vulgaris Pictures

Hormonal Acne (Severe Acne)

Acne is a tough skin condition that effects the face, neck, shoulders, back, upper arms and chest and causes skin to become irritated due to oil being over-produced. For some strange reason, our sebaceous glands under our skin in these areas are connected to our hormones so when ever hormones are active in the body, so are our sebaceous glands. The role of the sebaceous gland is to produce oil from underneath the skin in a hair follicle/pore and that oil will keep skin fresh, remove bacteria and keep pores clean by pushing out of the follicle. This procedure happens routinely and is simultaneous to chimney. The oil rises up the hair follicle from the sebaceous gland and then up out of the pore onto the surface of the skin.

This oil is one of the main causes of teenage acne and early adult acne because hormones make the sebaceous glands produce more than necessary due to the hormones being active in the body breaking down high (GI) foods and growth of the body (growing form children to teenagers or teenagers to adults). Sebum is the name of the oil produce by the sebaceous glands and this is a problem for acne sufferers and most will see a dermatologist who will prescribe them Benzoyl peroxide, Salicylic acid or antibiotics for acne. All of these work in clearing skin up and removing oils/dead skin cells to prevent acne breakouts however can have side effects like burning, stinging or dry skin if used incorrectly or at high doses. Recommended dermatologist products do work very well but can be pricey unless bought online.

Alternatively there are natural ways to clear acne and they are more beneficial because they will not harm your skin or damage whilst treating all forms of acne. These natural ways can be surprising and seem different but they really do work wonders for skin. Examples of these are Jojoba Oil, Grapes Seed Oil and Tea Tree Oil. You have probably heard of some of these before but never knew they are effective at treating acne? Before using any of them you must use them properly for best results.

Acne is hard to deal with and can be embarrassing, depressing and seem never ending, don’t worry your not alone. In fact 85% of the population are raided by these pus filled, red inflamed and sore lumps on their skin at some point in their life and this is commonly known as a acne breakout. Acne breakouts can occur from many different simple habits you do in your time.

  • Simple things like touching, picking and rubbing your skin with your fingertips, palms and hands can cause acne breakouts to appear.
  • Washing and cleansing skin more than twice a day (Morning and Night)
  • Using make up products that are oily
  • Cell phone, smart phones pic up a lot of dirt, bacteria and oils from day to day use. Avoid touching face with phone.
  • The way you sleep and what pillow can dramatically irritate acne at night. Find out how to Sleep Away Acne.

These are just some of the list and many different things can spark acne breakouts. Even your shower wash or face wash could be the course why your acne is so angry and inflamed. Products like DOVE for sensitive skin work really well for removing bacteria, excess oil and inflammation without irritating or making sensitive skin erupt with pimples, spots and white heads. This is a good investment for clear skin.

The best cure for acne on the market today is surprisingly popular and you may of heard it if you are a acne sufferer. Its changing lives all over the world with high amount of people curing acne fast and effectively within a week. I have a discount link for their product so be sure to use it if you decided to clear your acne naturally and ill leave it at the bottom. Its called Acne No More and its a simple easy way to cure acne without any harsh chemicals, products or non organic treatments. Click Here to see official website. I am sure they will tell you all about it before I can with their demonstration video.

In Conclusion

I have talked about how Clear Acne Naturally can benefit you if you suffer from acne prone skin. I suffered from severe acne and I have the scars to prove it unfortunately and that is why I created this site. Because I know acne is embarrassing to have, looks dirty when it completely isn’t and brings self esteem through the floor with its side effects and scars once its been and gone. Simple things can improve your acne and natural is the best way HOZAY!

Acne No More Cheeky Discount Here

Hope this Helped

Clear Acne Naturally