Ultimate Pimple Popper… Don’t Bother Untill You See This

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Pimple Popper

Best Pimple Popper Of All Time

For decades it has been debated whether using the classic fingertips or the revolutionary pimple popper tool was better at doing what we need… Pop pimples (Safely)

In this Ultimate Pimple Popper Guide you will find out everything you need to know about pimple popping, using the right tools that have been genuinely used and reviewed for the best customer satisfaction. But first, what is better?

Using those highly trained fingertips or the special device that does it for you with little effort. Lets look at the Best selling pimple popper here on Amazon. (I’ve Used)


However using fingertip is not a bad method. Fingertips and Tweezerman must be thoroughly cleaned before using on skin to reduce the chance of infection, acne breakouts and inflammation. However I strongly advise you do not pop your pimples because it can cause scarring.

Sometimes there are times when you think ” I can’t walk around with this big zit on my face” and times like this is when Tweezerman would be very handy in your make up bag, bathroom or handbag because it can effectively pop visible pimples without making a mess. See more reviews of Tweezerman Skin Care Tool at Amazon Here.

When Is The Right Time To Pop Pimples

The body will heal and make a spot go away with time however if you just cannot wait, then here is when, how and why.

There are best times, believe it or not when to pop pimples to help skin heal and these times are when a pimple has been white looking for a while. When a pimple is changing colour to yellow/green its safer than when its just emerged. DON’T TOUCH WHEN JUST A RED BUMP AND NO HEAD. *Rhymes*.

Grab your Tweezerman and apply gentle pressure to the area using which ever end of the skin care tool feels more comfortable and looks the right size for the pimple. This will evenly push pus, oil and oil up and out of pore. Be gentle to reduce chances of damage and wash Tweezerman after use. Is it really that simple? Yes.

Once squeezed use a tissue to catch and then use a pimple cream if you feel it needs more attention after.

How To Use Fingertips Properly

  1. Always thoroughly wash hands and fingertips.
  2. Wet face with warm water to open pores.
  3. Gently using tissue if preferable push either side of the pimple starting gentle and getting slowly harder.
  4. Apply pressure from all angels, if it hasn’t come out yet then its most probably not ready.
  5. Dab with tissue and wash face with a cleanser.
  6. Wet face with cold water to finish of and close pores.
Pimple Popper Guide

Dermatologist Pimple Popper

That’s how you should pop pimples when they are ready. (My personal preference) is the Tweezerman because its quicker, easier and especially with my skin doesn’t cause further pimples to form around the area from the pressure of my fingers. The Tweezerman is a good investment for life but I wouldn’t recommend borrowing your friends one.

How To Get Rid Of Blackheads

Blackheads are those little black dots that generally form around the nose, chin and forehead and are harder to squeeze then inflamed pimples. Good news for you is the Tweezerman is for blackheads to, so same applies for pimples. I still get occasional blackheads that sneak up on my skin and I use this Pimple Popper on these to effectively get all the oil, dirt and bacteria out of blackheads.

In Conclusion

In conclusion pimples and blackheads are very common in teenage years and for some adults so buying a good 4.5 star rating product to keep in your bathroom you can catch those cheeky pimples, spots and blackheads that surprise you in the morning. I still use mine to this day and that’s why I recommend it to anyone who suffers from pimples, acne on anywhere on the body including the face. Get yours today here at Amazon.

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