Sleep Away Acne Overnight (The New Cure For Acne That Works For Sore Skin, Infammation And Pimples)


Chances are that you are here because you suffer from pimples, spots, and may be even blackheads. Well fear not, millions of people suffer from it all over the world and there are plenty of ways to prevent, reduce and even cure acne whilst you sleep. Its a secret so keep it to your self.

Pimples, spots and inflamed skin from acne (acne Vulgaris) can spring up at any time and certainly be annoying. People who suffer from acne prone skin will tell you that it isn’t easy to live with and looed at as dirty, poor hygiene and embarrassing. I have been there, done that and got the T-shirt so this is my way of helping you cure your acne overnight with some simple step by steps to no more acne and, Sleep Away Pimples, Spots And Sore Skin (Really Works)


This is completely free and is done while your sleeping which makes it easy yes?

Sleeping is a crucial part of life and living, however there is no way to avoid it because its the bodies way of ‘recharging its batteries’. A Way To Sleep Away Pimples, Spots And Sore Skin is Simple its just a matter of technique on how you sleep and how much. We are talking about acne that is targeted on the face and simple steps to improve and reduce overnight without to much hard work.

Sleep Acne Away overnight



I am sure you know that to much of anything can be bad for you and the same applies for sleeping. The Average adult needs 8 hours of sleep and 3 litres of water for males or 2.2 litres for females a day. If you double these you may find yourself in a spot of bother. Sleeping more than 8-9 hours can actually cause acne breakouts so avoid oversleeping.  It is all about how you sleep and where  your acne prone skin is touching (contacting) when your sleeping and we are talking about acne on the face area. Give me a second to explain.





So One, Two or Three? Do You Think Any Of These May Affect Your Skin Whilst Sleeping?



Well it is self explanatory really when you understand what causes acne. Notice number 3 on the picture above, his/her face is directly facing the pillow with his/hers back facing towards us. This is a common sleeping position also known as the free fall and is not the best position to sleep in because it puts pressure on the neck, chest, arms and also face. This position can result in further acne development on the face for the morning scare in the mirror and can be easily avoided.

Notice number 1 and 2, these are much better for stopping acne breakouts in the morning and the whole body will benefit because there is no pressure on areas which will cause harm and no direct face in the pillow. If you want to reduce acne at the beginning consider changing your sleeping patterns as they could be the main issue with your pimples sore skin and mild to severe acne. Sleep Acne Away Overnight


The picture to the left shows sleeping beauty and notice how the face is not touching the pillow and he is on his side. This is another example of a good position that is not putting pressure on the face or contacting acne on the face directly.

This will reduce oil build up and inflammation because one of the main causes of acne is irritation and acne is irritated easily from touching, picking and pressure to the area. Whilst sleeping avoid your face coming in contact with the pillow and you will be surprised.



Sleep Away Acne


Picture on the right is an excellent sleeping position because your face will not touch any surfaces for your skin to irritate with acne and the chances of oil on the face being spread around is greatly reduced. (Recommended)

These positions are brilliant because there is not any contact ie rubbing of face, pressure on spots/pimples or extra oil build up from skin becoming irritated. When hands, items and objects touch the face this can cause pores on the skin to clog which results in inflammatory acne pimples, spots and sore skin. By sleeping like this there is no contact therefore No Acne Breakouts.

Try it. There is another way too!


 Pillows VS Acne


Another consideration you want to do is look and feel your pillows and make a judgement if you think they may be to rough to your skin whilst sleeping. Cheap nasty pillows and pillow cases can cause problems with acne and these can be avoided with simple steps. Now you may be thinking “what the hell am I on about now?” But if your pillow is the slightest uncomfortable, rough or not as soft as it could be then its time for a new pillow and they aren’t expensive. Changed pillow cases routinely can benefit your skin greatly especially if once every 4-7 days  because this will reduce bacteria build up and effectively acne. I Struggle from acne and what really helped me was this pillow I bought from Amazon. See customer reviews for Allersoft 100-Percent Cotton Dust Mite & Allergy Control Standard Pillow Encasement here at Amazon.

Acne Sleep Habits

These pillows are brilliant for Pimples, blackheads and white heads because they are so soft and delicate to your skin at night which in turn reduces inflammation which reduces pimples and acne, can you see where I am going with this? Not only are these pillows cleaner they are kind and caring to skin that can be sensitive due to acne.

I Actually use this pillow to date on my single bed and works well for me and is like putting my head on a big soft marsh mellow. Easy Way to reduce Inflammation, Acne and Sore Skin Overnight. (Fact)


Hope this helped.


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