The Best Treatment For Back Pimples- BYE BYE “BACKNE”

Back Acne (Back Pimples Treatment)

Acne that appears on the shoulders, upper and lower back is more commonly known as back acne or “backne/bacne”. Back acne is very similar to facial acne with red, inflamed and has visible pimples, blackheads and cysts on the surface of the skin. Acne, no matter where on the body it forms by a number of internal and external causes:

  • Hormones: Hormones and acne are “best friends” and when hormones in the body are active and used more frequently (growth and consumed foods) it makes acne breakouts more common.
  • Sebum: The skin naturally produces an oil to lubricate skin and hair follicles. This oil rises up from the sebaceous glands under the skin through the pores onto the surface. This oil is called sebum and when hormones are active more oil is produced and pores can become clogged, attracting bacteria.
  • Irritation: This is not a cause of acne, however it increases acne breakouts and further spreads once acne is present. For example. Touching, picking and squeezing pimples with bare fingers can irritate pimples and spread bacteria around. Just remember your fingertips touch many different things in the day and then may contact your acne prone skin.

These are some of the main causes for acne prone skin. Let’s find out how to treat back pimples for the best results.

Back Pimples & Acne Treatment

If you suffer from severe back acne and cysts then seeing a doctor or skin specialist will benefit you more. However if you have a milder version (pimples and blackheads and a small amount of little cysts) then some of the following treatments will greatly improve your skin within a week or two:

Back Pimples Treatment1.  Murad Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel This is the best acne treatment for body acne because it contains amazing ingredients for skin e.g. salicylic acid and sodium hydroxide which both treat acne effectively. This can be used anywhere on the body but works exceptionally well on the back, face and chest.

Apply a thin layer to skin after cleansing, washing or showering morning and night. It’s an easy to apply gel that absorbs into skin without causing acne breakouts. It prevents acne breakouts, stop acne pimples, blackheads and spots becoming worse and controls acne. See why everyone has given this a 5 star by clicking here. Limit Time Only is now 20% off this 5 star acne treatment.



best 5 back acne treatments2. Glotherapeutics Back Acne Treatment 4 oz

If you’re looking for a simple mist spray to be used twice a day, that will not cause skin to dry up or become irritated. Then this is the back acne treatment for you. It only contains 0.5% of salicylic acid so it will work for sensitive skin to reduce inflammation and existing pimples, breakouts and lumps. Click Here for more information.




bacne product review3. Glytone Back Acne Spray

Glytone back acne spray treatment has an ingredient that is used for many acne treatments because of its excellent results. Glytone back acne spray has 2% salicylic acid mixed with other powerful acne treatments to calm, reduce and prevent back acne. The reviews show how good this product is. See the reviews here.


These 3 are great acne treatments that I have used over the years on my own back acne. I found that I got the best results with number one (That’s why I rated it number one). This is because it’s a very good value for money and I also got results within a week and half. My pimples became less angry, skin feels soft and less acne breakouts. I highly recommend this product while it is 35% off here. (Offer ends tonight 23:59.)

Back pimples and acne can be embarrassing and depressing however they can be treated and with the right treatment you will be seeing results within a couple of days.

What’s Your Secret Backne Treatment?

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