The Best Jojoba Oil For Acne… Now 56% OFF

Jojoba Oil For Acne

Jojoba oil as you can tell has a “funny” name and can be hard to pronounce however this oil is becoming more popular for skincare and acne sufferers (like me). What your going to find out today is what are the benefits of this oil on acne prone skin, what’s the best brands and where to get them for your acne vulgaris (How To Use Jojoba Oil Of Course).

There are many different types of oils that are used for acne and not all work but if you have used oils on your acne before you may know that they can do the opposite effect to acne sufferers unfortunately due to everybody’s skin being different. My skin reacts to Bio Oil by resulting acne breakouts and this is because my skin is oily so Bio Oil blocks my pores up, although it loves Grape-seed Oil And Jojoba Oil which is bazaar. This is an example of how the natural oils on acne areas can ‘flare up’ with different treatments. Acne prone skin reacts differently depending on whether skin is oily, dry or sensitive so lets find out how jojoba oil can help you.

What Is Jojoba Oil

In the Sonaran Desert there is a plant called the Jojoba plant which is where Jojoba oil comes from. The oil is carefully extracted from the seeds in the Jojoba plant. However the jojoba oil has a secret to tell. Its not really a oil and instead is a wax ester so its non comedogenic and safe to use on acne prone skin without worry about side effects(acne breakouts).

How Jojoba Oil Works: This wax ester is very sly at what it does for acne. Right now when your reading this your skin is producing sebum, a oil which keeps the skin fresh and moist and actually is one of the main causes of acne breakouts and inflamed skin. On the skin we have thousands upon thousands of pores which constantly push oil up through them on to the skin. These oils(sebum) sometimes get trapped because pores are small holes and they can block easily due to sticky sebum oil and dead skin cells. This intern causes acne. Jojoba Oil acne prone skin

Jojoba Oil is very similar to the oils you get on your face, neck, back, shoulders, and chest where acne appears. When applying this oil to the face regularly it tricks the skin thinking it produced to much oil, this reduces oil build up by balancing production of sebum and that reduces the chances clogged pores that cause acne. The lack of extra oil will make the skin become normal like a non acne sufferer and therefore cure acne. Very clever way to benefit acne prone skin with jojoba oil.

Other Benefits And Uses

The oils on the skin are essential because they prevent damage and cracking. Have you ever had dry skin before? That’s because those oils dried up leaving your skin sore, red and flaky and this is where Jojoba Oil comes in. Jojoba moisturizes skin, soothes and keeps fresh by replacing/ replenishing skin with oils whilst causing no irritation or redness. (Fact)

  • How To Use With Moisturizer To Prevent Acne- Adding 5-6 drops will be more than enough to your daily moisturizer for a improved powerful moisturizer that will not cause acne breakouts
  • How To Use As A Massage Oil- Add a small amount to hands and use as a massage lotion for surprising results. (may cause body acne or “bacne”)
  • How To Use For Body Acne- Apply 3-6 drops of oil to bath water to reduce body acne whilst relaxing. Natural baths re the best baths.

Also it can be used to condition hair, remove make up and a natural lip balm so its very versatile.


 The Negatives Of Jojoba Oil On Acne

Although it has many advantages it has some disadvantages, but so does everything. Using refined or non organic oil can cause skin to inflame and become sore thats why using the right Jojoba oil is crucial if you want to clear your acne. We will talk about that more later. If your skin is very sensitive it could cause your skin to breakout, making your acne worse but this does not happen much. If using more than 5 drops on skin it can cause skin to become “shiny” after application and this is because its essentially acting like a oily face(shiny). Using daily shows results becoming far less shine when the skin becomes used to Jojoba.


Other than that, that’s it!

Jojoba Oil For Acne Review

Whats The Best Brands And Where To Buy Them

Like I said before, its very crucial to get the right oil from the right place otherwise you will simply adding chemicals and other added ingredients into your pores only to find poor results. There are 3 key principle for choosing the right oil and they are:

  1. 100% This means that the oil is completely natural, organic and more beneficial for skin because it will cause less irritation on skin when applied directly.
  2. Unrefined is very important because it means that it is cold pressed straight from the Jojoba plant itself.
  3. Must say organic so that we know its not adding other chemicals to make it last longer.

These are important as you will notice if you put two bottles together to notice the difference. Normally refined, non organic or not 99% and below have added smells to make them smell good and look good but really they are poor quality. Below is the best brand that worked for me very well and I tried many so I know what I am talking about. I got results within 3 days with this brand. I Think it is on offer at the moment click below.


Buy Yours Half Price Now

Using Jojoba on acne can be a beneficial way to clear acne up through tricking the skin and reducing blockages in pores however it will only make acne worse if used incorrectly. Jojoba Oil needs to be used with caution and it is very easy to apply to much to skin. That’s where it can take a turn for acne. Simple, easy steps to apply are the same as you would apply tea tree oil to your acne. Get pure jojoba oil here (56% OFF)

The best time to use would be before bed and leave on over night. Simply apply some to a cotton bud and apply to sore areas of skin where acne appears or add 2-3 drops to your daily facial cleanser for best results. What I do is apply a small amount to fingertips then apply around the area being very gentle to skin. Then I either leave on or wash of depending on day and how well skin is improving. Irritation causes acne so be gentle with skin and it will be gentle back especially if you suffer from acne everyday like I do.

Acne has many different treatments and one of those is Jojoba Oil and the best one for that has been tried and tested has been reviewed against acne prone skin. Jojoba Oil reduces inflammation, reduces acne and keeps skin hydrated naturally and organic.
Jojoba Oil, Golden Organic 100% Pure 4 oz
Date Published: 05/09/2013
Very good product for price that works quickly to reduce acne and breakouts of inlammation. (Mild to servere Acne sufferer)
4.5 / 5 stars

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