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Back acne is shortened down into “bacne” which is back and acne put together, and millions of people suffer from it persistently and its hard to ignore especially if severe and uncomfortable. There are many treatments that will “get rid of your bacne” however I am going to talk about the causes of, the best bacne treatment and ways you can reduce naturally for clear acne prone skin once more with some simple easy steps.

Bacne Solutions Below

Bacne Pimples, Spots And Inflammation

Firstly, this is more common than you think in fact 70% of the population all over the world have some form of pimples, spots and inflammation on the back area including shoulders, lower back, upper arms and armpits. In some cases its more severe, sore and red, very uncomfortable for acne sufferers. Especially during sport or whilst relaxing it can irritate, not to mention it looks like you’ve rolled in an ants nest. Here are some simple steps to reducing back acne naturally without damaging skin.

  1. Keeping bed sheets clean can dramatically reduces bacteria and oil build up for body acne. Changing bed sheets regularly (once a week maximum) can cure acne on the bacne
  2. Sweat after training of any sort shouldn’t be left on skin for longer than a hour because this will increase the chances of acne breakouts and all body acne in general arising. Try showering or bathing after physical sports sooner than later to stop sweat causing body acne
  3. Eating the right foods will benefit the whole body no matter where acne is. See The 5 BEST Foods To EAT AWAY ACNE for acne killer foods.

These are some simple easy tips to cure back acne naturally. However you may be looking quick fast treatments so we need to find out whats the right treatment for you read on.

Best Bacne Treatment

So “what treatments are available that really work for removing excess oil, dead skin cells and preventing acne and acne breakouts from returning on my back” you may be wondering well there are a few products on the market that will do just that but which is the best for you.

Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash review for back acne

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A simple treatment to mild body acne would be Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash for body acne and this contains the active ingredient Salicylic Acid which you may of heard before if you have tried or used treatments for acne on the face with excellent results.

Salicylic Acid removes dead skin cells, dries up oils and reduces existing pimples, spots and blackheads (really effective against these). It is easy to apply simple just rub, massage into skin to see results within days. My personal review of Neutrogena Body Clear:


Bacne Treatments review, whats the best for back acne and does this work for treating and cureing body acne.
Neutrogena Body Clear
Date Published: 05/20/2013
Good product and inexpensive to buy. Does treat body acne (bacne) and back acne very well however may not be strong enough for sufferers of cystic acne or severe acne. Salcylic Acid in Neutrogena Body Clear works well to dig deep into pores and remove excess oil, dead skin cells and kill existing pimples. 4/5 for price, results and delivery. Cons: more expensive treatments would work faster and quicker at doing the same job. Results came in 1 week.</p> <p>Ordered of Amazon took a 3 days to arrive
4 / 5 stars

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If you back acne is more severe we can look at more affective ways to treat it with stronger acne treatments and remedies. Once bacne has been and gone it leaves holes, pits and scars which are not what we want for the rest of our lives so if you suffer from severe sore inflammation on the back area from big pimples and spots then you will need to use stronger alternatives. If it is worse than this:

As mentioned acne can really bring self esteem down and being on depression. If your acne prone skin on your back is worse than this then you have 2 options.

  1. A dermatologist product like Accutane or CLENZIderm M.D.
  2. Natural cure from the inside out Here.

I doubt that your back acne is worse than in the video you just saw however its reassuring to know you are not alone especially with wanting to treat it. It is embarrassing to have and swimming is deffinertly not one to consider with body acne but you can treat it using a natural approach. This is a natural treatment system, completely different to all treatments that takes an in-depth guide that is very popular for all acne sufferers because you can cure acne started within 1 month and comes with a complete 100% money back guarantee. If you wish to pursue this simple cure to back acne Click Here Now. (Acne is not normal, instead a warning signal of inner balance.)


In ConclusionNeutrogena Body Clear Body Wash review for back acne

Bacne can be really embarrassing and what causes back acne can be frustrating and seem impossible to avoid. But fortunately treating bacne is much easier than facial acne because the skin types are different and the face is MUCH more sensitive to treatments so that’s good news for you.


There are many ways to treat acne on the back and body however you need to look at your own back and decide what will be best for yourself to get the best benefits and results. If your bacne is “never ending” but not as bad as the severe bacne in the video Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash will benefit you greatly however for a more natural treatment you can choose to go for the natural cure which will also clear skin and acne fast and benefit the body from the inside out. You have 2 choices and both come with discounts on behalf of Myacnelife so I Hope this helped and gave some light on what causes and best inexpensive treatments for bacne.

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  2. Helen on June 8, 2013 at 8:47 pm said:

    I have bad bacne and used the neutrogena body clear that my boyfriend had and it actually worked. Neutrogena is my fav <3

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