Coconut Oil For Acne + How To Use On Face And Scars

Coconut oil for scars and acne prone skin

Acne Coconut Oil

Coconut oil for acne skin Every acne sufferer who has to live with the pain, embarrassment and depression of acne (Acne vulgaris) know that if they could get rid of anything it would be.. ACNE!

However acne is a tough cookie to crumble and can rear its ugly head at times when its not wanted like weddings, dates and parties when you want to look your best but can not without using harsh chemicals, peroxides and acids. This can make clear skin seem like a dream come true.

So if you want to tackle acne head on your best option is to use natural remedies that will benefit your health, skin and acne in the long run without doing any damage to skin or causing unnecessary side effects especially for acne scars.

There are many different natural ways to clear hormonal acne, mild acne and cystic acne with natural ingredients that may just surprise you because you probably have some in your kitchen or bathroom(or even in your garden)lying around screaming to help clear your acne naturally. Many of these are oils such as Tea Tree Oil, Bio Oil And Grapeseed Oil which all work in completely different ways but coconut oil is what we looking at today and how to use on face, neck, back, acne prone skin and scars.


What Is Coconut Oil And How Does It Benefit Skin

Pure Coconut oil benefits the skin 10x better than any less than 99% coconut on the market today and of course you have to buy it unless you have a coconut tree. (I would be surprised) But ignore the coconut oil for now until you know how well it moisturises skin deep down and with plenty of moisture to go around, compared to other top selling branded chemical moisturizers on the market. It is by far the best. This is simply because common moisturizers that we use have a high amount of water because there purpose is to help keep skin soft, smooth and remove dryness that occurred however. The common top brand watery moisturizers are applied to skin and the minutes later the skin is dry again. Why? Because water dries up where as coconut oil doesn’t. In fact it stays deep keeping skin moisturized and is completely natural and some call it a miracle moisturizer.

More Benefits Of Coconut Oil for skin are aimed at its ingredients and what they do for the skin conditions like eczema, fungal infections and even helps wait loss inside and out with quick results. These Ingredients are:

  • Capric Acid

    Coconut Oil For Acne

    Coconut Oil For Acne

  • Caprylic Acid
  • Lauric Acid (Amazing Benefits)

Never heard of these before? That’s what I thought when I first found out but these acids do amazing things because they are antibacterial (Acne Buster), anti inflammatory (reduces soreness), antioxidant and anti fungal. As you can see its very useful for acne sufferers and will benefit their skin greatly but not all “100%” coconut oils work well and there are plenty of poor quality brands that claim to help. Ill Show You The Best Further Down.

Its A Natural Moisturizer But Wont That Make Acne Prone Skin Worse?

Not completely true however some people see a improvement on skin however some need time to adjust to the new skin regimen because coconut oil can be “Heavy”. What this means is a little can go a long way with coconut oil and you will only see the benefits in time (up to a week) but many people also get results overnight so its completely unique to your skin and mixing with other crem’s and face washes can make applying much more beneficial. I do not recommend leaving on over night on face or surrounding area.

If you are looking for something lighter which will be more beneficial for the face Jojoba Oil or alternatively a creme like sudocrem will become your new best friends. Natural oils produced by the skin also known as sebum is routinely pushed up from under the skin through the pores onto the surface of the skin and in the process they carry dead skin cells, bacteria and dirt to keep the skin fresh and avoid damaging the skin.

Acne is caused by oils that get stuck and cause a blockage on the way up which intern causes the pore to slowly expand with oils that are still trying to escape. This can be resolved by keep skin fresh and preventing bacteria, excess oil build ups and removing dead skin cells although by adding more oil from coconut can cause breakouts. This goes to show that acne can be caused by any simple part of this process but coconut oil can reduce inflammation of existing pimples, kill bacteria with its antibacterial properties and effective cure acne if used probably.

Personally I prefer using it on body for moisturising and back acne but the real benefits come from consuming coconut oil.

What Are The Health Benefit(s) From Coconut Oil

As I said before there are many health benefits from those acids and they work inside of the body to reduce disease, stronger immune system and helps fight of many common infections on its own. People who eat coconut oil daily have claimed that their acne prone skin (sore) reduced and therefore acne breakouts, less inflammation and pimples in the morning mirror were reported. This is because the saturated fats in coconut oil are mainly triglycerides and medium chain fatty acids (especially in Virgin Olive Oil. These work their way to skin from the inside to make skin supple, anti age and moisturized. We have found out that Coconut oil will benefit acne better from the inside than directly applied to the face area because of it heaviness and better internal properties.

Coconut oil best treatment for acne vulgaris

How To Use Coconut Oil On Acne Skin

Coconut oil can be applied to the skin in many different ways and its very easy to over use or use too much and that can make skin worse so make sure applying Coconut oil is in small amounts. You want to help your acne prone skin not make it worse. (Coconut oil changes due to temperature for example when cold it becomes a solid form  however when applied to hands it will quickly liquefy like melting butter. If you have trouble spooning it out of the jar or tub you can heat it up, but not to much obviously)

  1. WET face with warm water from the sink or tap making sure face is completely soaked and ready (Check)
  2. Apply a small amount on fingertips then rub/massage into skin. (Check)
  3. Alternatively you can apply a WET washcloth and let it rest on top of your face for 5-20 seconds. (Personal Preference)
  4. Wipe away *Gently* the left over coconut oil and to remove excess oil and dirt. (Check)
  5. Try to remove as much as possible with the cloth to avoid acne breakouts. (Check)

This is a great way to remove make up and excess oil naturally and here my Personal Additional Tips:

  1. Adding it to bath water to reduce body acne was a really nice way to relax and help skin naturally.
  2. When getting dry skin in the winter, using coconut oil would stop dry skin in the winter and actually help acne


How To Gain The Health Benefits From The Inside

The lauric acid in coconut oil contributes to most of the health benefits and this is because, when lauric acid is present in the body its naturally converted into a compound that is extremely toxic to bacteria, bad microorganisms, viruses and fungus’s. This is called Monolaurin, because it has the ability to interrupt these trouble makers by destroying their lipid membranes and killing them out right. This is why it is highly beneficial for reducing acne and its many side effects. So how much should you consume daily?

The daily amount for the average adult is 3 and a half tablespoons of pure coconut oil, that is more than enough to for the body to make monolaurin from the luaric acid in found in coconut oil. Other treatments its used for are athlete’s foot, fungal infections, tape worm, liver flukes, protects against cancer, HIV and other infectious diseases. As you can see this is a must have beauty product and can benefit you greatly inside and out.

Side Effects Of Coconut Oil

The side effects are none however if you are allergic it could be dangerous. Due to coconut oil being quite a strong alternative it can cause diarrhea if suddenly used high amounts. Spreading the recommended daily amount through the day whilst building up will avoid unwanted side effects like diarrhea. If pregnant it should be used with caution. The same applies for building it up to prevent unwanted side effects.

Coconut Oil For Acne Scars And The Best For You

Finding the right oil can be a hard task being there are thousands upon thousands of coconut oil brands out there and 95% are cheap, poor quality and full of added chemicals. That being said means you need to know what your looking for when it comes to getting the right oil for the right price. A benefit I forgot to mention is that not only will coconut help acne if you get the right one but it will also help scars colouring and the healing process to reduce size, discolouration and visibility. I am going to go over what you need for the perfect acne cure and where to get it for a good price. There are a few criteria when it comes to getting “the good stuff” for treating acne naturally and some of them are self explanatory and the others can be confusing. When looking at the label consider these options:

  • Organic and Pure
  • Unrefined
  • 100%
  • A Known Brand
Best coconut oil for acne prone skin and acne scars

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All of these matter because without them you will be purchasing a cheap added chemicals product which will make your skin worse. We don’t want this so follow those guides. Finding a good skincare coconut oil is hard and your lucky I have tried a few for my skin and this gave me the best results: OCO® (Only Coconut Oil) Personal Moisturizer 3-oz Jar From Amazon.

This product gave me the best results for my acne because it fits all of the criteria and also is virgin coconut oil “bliss in a jar” because it so pure. This is the closest thing to buying 100 coconuts and extracting the pureness inside over and over and does not clog pores like normal Coconut oil and can give you clear acne prone skin.

In Conclusion

Coconut oil is a very strong way to reduce acne and acne scars whilst keeping skin fully moisturized and nourished. It is becoming more and more popular in many brands to add this to there skincare product because of the healing properties and antibacterial/fungal wonders this does to skin. It really is one of a kind and is a must try especially because it can save you a ton of money compared to surgery and other expensive treatments that do the same thing. Coconut oil can cause acne breakouts if used incorrectly or if skin is sensitive that’s why its better to use it and wipe of after like directed above. Read More Customer Reviews On Coconut Oil At Amazon

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