Bacne Causes… What Your Doing Wrong

What Causes Bacne

Bacne is back acne but shortened to “bacne” and is very common with teenagers and young adults however still effects many people in there 30s, 40s and 50s.

There are many different bacne causes and some of them are so simple and others are just common habits that cause your bacne to become aggravated and “breakout”.  What are you doing wrong that could be causing your bacne to come back?

  • Picking, squeezing and pressure: These three are one of the main causes why pimples, spots and zits become sore, uncomfortable and irritating especially for teenage acne. This is because they cause pimples to spread, become worse and scar so to prevent these you need to never touch you bacne, avoid squeezing spots and itching sore skin. This is because your fingertips carry around bacteria/dirt and these can cause pores to become blocked around pimples resulting in… More bacne! (Another thing is when putting pressure on pimples/spots this can cause cysts to appear due to breaks under the skin. These can be prevented by leaving alone.

    What Causes Bacne

    What Your Doing Wrong

  • Shower Gels and body washes: This one is different for everyone ie some people will breakout with pimples from certain lotions, creams and gels because there skin is more sensitive to these. Using a sensitive body wash can really reduce the chances of pimple returning with all skin types. What this does is clean skin in a more natural, less chemical way which is kinder to skin all over. Good examples of these are DOVE Body Wash (Now 39% Off Here).
  • Sweat: During and after training, working out and physical activities, the body will naturally sweat to reduce heat and temperature. This sweat can cause back acne to be more common so by using the DOVE Body Wash you can reduce pimples from appearing the next day. Set a time for yourself after physical activities, (Within 1 Hour) make sure you wash your acne prone skin.

So these are some very common bacne causes and by keeping skin clean, less irritated and sweaty you will stop pimples coming back for clear skin this summer. However that’s not the only way you can prevent bacne. What can you do to stop pimples breakouts on the back internally?

  • Water: The body is made up of 70% water so as you can guess, its important to drink water on a regular basis. The average adult should roughly drink 6-8 glasses of water a day. Now even I struggle with that and I am sure you do to. Drinking water is much cheaper than fizzy drinks and will help flush out acne from the inside. You will save money, pimples and your liver.
  • Fish: Whether you like fish or not, everyone has heard about omega 3. Its rich with goodness for the body when consumed and actually is a good acne killer. See My Article Eat Away Acne”
  • Junk Food: This is really beneficial for you… Not. It is full of bad ingredients that make your hormones go crazy and this results in extra build up of oils on the face, back and shoulders. (These excess oils clog pores and cause big breakouts so avoid when you can. They taste so good though!

Those were some ways in which you can prevent bacne from coming back once its gone. So what is the difference between bacne and acne on the face? Simple really they are both on different parts of the body but bacne comes in contact with many more objects, items and clothes. These contacts can rub skin and irritate spots and pimples to arise. Tight t-shirts can irritate skin and so can sweaty clothes. (self explanatory)

If your bacne is annoying you and looking for a simple solution then I strongly suggest you try the Dove Body Wash while you can get it for 39% off. Saves you money and the chances of scaring because it for sensitive skin and a well known brand. it will remove sweat, dirt and excess oils when used in the shower or bath without breakouts appearing and pimples returning. It also works well for inflammation.

How I Used It: DOVE review bacne treatment

When skin was warm (about 2 minutes in shower) I applied a small amount to fingertips and rubbed gently into my bacne shoulders and back. Whilst I do this I face away from the shower head so I can thoroughly get all areas of my bacne without water for about 30 seconds. Then just rinse off.

(Tip: Wash hair first to prevent grease from hair running down body, helps a lot)


Do you suffer from bacne like I do? Try some or all of these tips, tricks and advice and prevent those annoying, embarrassing and uncomfortable pimples/spots returning. Get your Dove Body Wash (39% Off Click Here Only) to control and wave goodbye to your bacne.

What’s Your Secret Bacne Routine?


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