The Acne Diet: *REVIEW*


Holistic Plan to Achieve Clear, Youthful, Acne-Free Skin with Natural Nutrition,
Stress Relief and Organic Skincare

The Acne Diet book was published on the 11 of January 2013 and since then has become a very popular buy for acne sufferers. In fact it is the highest bought book about acne right now on amazon. Today we are going to review this book and see what all the fuss is about and if it does what it says on the tin. After all don’t judge a book by its cover.

Julie Gabriel, the author of The Acne Diet is a holistic nutritionist and the founder of organic skincare brand. Julie Gabriel speaks about how tough acne can be for sufferers and how easy to it really is to “get rid of” acne. If you want to know how using only the best natural/organic ways then Acne Diet is just for you. She also explains about how foods can cause acne breakouts(High GI), what some beauty products do for skin and the best nutrition to say goodbye to acne once and for all.

  • Inside this book you will find information about health benefits of skin-clearing nutrients, vitamins and minerals as well as latest scientific findings about skin-damaging effects of common foods and various food and cosmetic additives.
  • You will learn which foods will help make your skin clear and glowing and which ones you should avoid as they can trigger further acne outbreaks. You will also understand how to take care of your skin in the most natural way and how stress relief helps maintain glowing complexion.
  • Teaches you how to eat and take care of your acne-prone skin naturally, without use of conventional acne treatments that often have unpleasant side effects.
  • Clear explanations how to make changes in your diet to achieve clear complexion and Scientifically proven effects of certain nutrients and food additives on acne condition.


This 215 page book contains 8 chapters rich with pictures, foods to fight acne and detailed descriptions on everything from hormonal acne to natural skin care and acne residue once its gone. Also the added bonus of using pictures for description purposes so anyone can understand what causes acne. And Dont Forget How To Cure Acne.

 Acnediet reviewMy personal Review On The Acne Diet By Julie Gabriel

After finishing the last page I realised that I had been introduced to pimples, spots and acne in a completely different way. The saying “you are what you eat” seemed to be the impression I got of The Acne Diet because it explains why foods effect your hormones(which are the main reasons for acne breakouts) and how to solve this issue. Julie Gabriel thoroughly explains what acne is, how your skin is effected and what you personally do day to day that causes acne returning morning and night. All with simple, natural organic ways which are the best with no side effects. Lets talk about the positive and negative points and find out whether it helped my acne.


The positive points about this book is the price mainly as it can be bought of amazon(one of the largest brands) for only $12.83 which is brilliant for a book that could banish your annoying pimples, spots and acne for life whilst preventing acne build ups and scarring in the long run. The worst part about acne is that it leaves scars once it has gone so you will have to remember it forever, that’s why you want to fight acne early! Take My Word, Got The Scars.

Another positive point about The Acne Diet is that if you follow the routine you feel better about yourself inside and out which really is a great feeling especially for people who have tried many products and had little to no improvement. 215 pages of goodness inside and out is excellent compared to other products on the market like Acne No More charges $30+ for a book which has 223 pages and is generally similar.

  • Inexpensive (cheaper than its rivals)
  • Inside and Out In Simple Steps (Feel Better Too)
  • Very descriptive and Down To Earth


Throughout the book I found that Petite Marie Organics was referred for their organic products (which can be expensive) a few to many times which sounded like Julie was trying to sell these products herself which at one point made me wonder. However other than that I felt the book was overall a “Good Bang For Buck”.


The Acne Diet Review Acne Diet Amazon

Rating 4.5/5

Price 12.83

Relatively New (January 2013)

Buy It Now Here (The Right One)

The Acne Diet: Holistic Plan to Achieve Clear, Youthful, Acne-Free Skin with Natural Nutrition, Stress Relief and Organic Skincare < Paperback Or Kindle Edition

My personal review is positive of this book because the price is inexepensive and has plenty of knowledge on acne and how to cure it. I think the price will rise soon due to high demand and The Acne Diet is new so grab yours today while you can.






In Conclusion ( Did It Work For Me )

The Acne Diet needed to be review because after reading this I felt that it is a good source of information about acne, simple way to learn how acne happens and why acne breakouts happen and course inflammation and soreness of the face. However this did not cure my acne purely for the fact that I didn’t really take it seriously because as soon as I gained results I would stop reading the book then when ever my acne reared its ugly head again I was head down in this book learning more. This did work for me and I did start seeing results in the first week of reading this book and it was very understandable. It took me roughly a week and a half to get through the book because I get bored easily.

It cleared inflammation on my skin and redness and I also experienced less pimples if any in the morning, which would make my day a good one. If your passionate about clearing your skin from pimples, blackheads and acne breakouts then Acne Diet by Julie Gabriel is a brilliant place to start and you should see results sooner rather than later depending on how serious you are.

Hope This Helped


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