Aloe Vera For Acne And How To Use For Best Results

Aloe Vera For Acne

Aloe Vera Plant For Acne

I am 99% sure that you have heard of the word, name or even phrase, Aloe Vera.


The Aloe Vera plant is big, spiky and green and I wouldn’t want to fall on it because its got thorny leaves. This big plant has thick, fleshy green leaves which grow to a relatively big size and looks a little bit like  like a crocodile. However this plant has been around for centuries and has built itself a reputation for restoring, soothing and healing.

Everything from Vitamins to anti inflammatories are in the Aloe Vera plant including Enzymes, Minerals an Hormones which sounds good for acne and it is true. But where is this magic potion in the Aloe Vera plant you may be asking? The plant itself is called Aloe and inside the leaves is a see through substance which is a gel which is called Vera. The Vera inside has these healing properties and widely used for many things such as Burns, Shaving Creams and Infections.

Aloe Vera For Acne?


Acne is a skin condition in which natural oil on the skin gets blocked in the pores causing inflammation, sore lumps and pustules. How can Aloe Vera help acne? Well firstly Aloe Vera can be used it two different ways and both these ways are very effective for acne.

  1. Internally-  Acne suffers can gain great benefits from eating/drinking the gel inside the leaves, cutting the green translucent part in the middle or just eating it raw. (It doesn’t taste good raw)! In Asia, China Japan United States, Korea, and other Asian nations mix Aloe Vera and eat it with teas and foods for a healthy lifestyle. It is said to be a very healthy and can also help prevent disease, infection and help the common cold. For acne it will improve your immune system therefore helping your acne before it starts.
  2. Externally- Extracting the translucent gel inside the leaf and rubbing the gel on the surface in which you wish to heal, protect, reduce inflammation and pimples/acne. Aloe Vera on acne and pimples can be massaged into area and it will reduce inflammation within a week and help your pores unblock. Some call Aloe Vera the Goo from the Gods because it really works.


Don’t worry I am not crazy and just suggesting that you go find an Aloe Vera plant, chop its leaves of and start eating it like an angry animal.


Aloe Vera can be found all over the world now as it is used for dermatology, skin specialist creams and even by doctors. In order to treat acne with this natural treatment your best option is getting a pure Aloe Vera plant and cut the leaf of and use the gel inside on your acne to reduce the inflammation and swelling from pimples, spots and angry skin. Also eating this gel can’t hurt you however mixing it with your favourite drink (Obviously not coca cola) you wont even realise its a ingredient. When it comes to curing acne this completely natural ingredient can cure for good but it will mainly help to penetrate and tame your pimples, spots and zits.


Aloe Vera For Acne

Aloe Vera Plant For Acne

There are many products on the market which can help for acne but the main problem with these products are that the only contain about 1-5% of the pure gel so if you want best results you will need at least 95 %-100% Aloe Vera in it to help your skin. Alternatively get pure Aloe Vera leaves and do the work yourself by cutting leaves of and using the translucent gel inside gently on your skin and waiting for the results to kick in.


In conclusion using Aloe Vera on Acne is a very good idea as it boosts the immune system and eliminates unneeded toxins, whilst on the exterior it soothes the skin, reduces inflammation, promotes healing of the skin and helps to regenerate damaged tissue. It acts as a building block for scars to repair and regenerate back to normal. Its cheap, in fact free, easy to get and the goo of the gods!

This is the Best organic 100% with no added chemicals on sale now for only 11.99. 5 Star Aloe Vera For Acne that I used on my skin to help with inflammation.

How To Use:

  1.  Wash acne area thoroughly with warm water
  2. Apply aloe vera gel to fingertips and massage into skin evenly
  3. Leave on for as long as nessicary. (10-20 minutes)
  4. Wash of with cold water to close pores


Hope this helped.

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