The Best Way To Treat Acne Vulgaris (Best Ways To Get Rid Of Acne)

The best way to treat acne vulgaris has been debated for many years, with many different products, opinions and treatments recommended by different dermatologists, skin specialists and doctors.

The truth is there isn’t a best way. However you will find out many of the best rated treatments, facts and advice that will greatly benefit your acne vulgaris, no matter where it is on your body. Think you have tried everything?

What Is Acne Vulgaris

Acne vulgaris is a skin condition that affects 80% of the population in life. Teenagers and young adults are more common to suffer from acne vulgaris due to hormones in the body at this age being more active. Pimples, blackheads and sore redness arise in areas and this is known as acne breakouts. Acne is not contagious nor a dangerous skin condition although, may cause depression, self esteem issues and other side effects on patients.

Acne is formed by over production of oil, dead skin cells and bacteria or dirt. Hormones in the body are strangely connected to the sebaceous glands underneath the skin and the glands create sebum (oil) on a daily routine. However when the body requires hormones to be used more (e.g. foods and growth) this causes the sebaceous glands to overproduce sebum. The sebum then pushes up from under the skin through pores and then onto the surface of the skin.

 FACT: the sebum (oil) main purpose is to keep skin from damaging, drying out and keeping hair follicles soft and moist.

Acne pimples form when the oil, dead skin cells and bacteria become trapped inside pores by the mix of oil and dead skin cells forming a ‘sticky plug’ at the opening of the pore. It then becomes inflamed due to the body trying to fight of the sudden change. This is the first stage of a pimple.

Ways To Treat Acne Naturally Acne Vulgaris Pictures

There are many ways to treat acne naturally and here are some effective ways. Feel free to click on them for more info on how to use them for best results:

These are very powerful at controlling, reducing and helping clear acne naturally without paying much or experiencing side effects. However these treatments will not be as effective as tropical creams and stronger chemicals designed to remove excess oil, dead skin cells and sooth inflammation. These are personally better for acne as you see results quicker and they prevent acne returning usually once it’s cleared.

My Personal Best Acne Treatment (I’ve Used Many)

I suffered from severe acne from the age of 11 and I tried everything for my skin to find that my skin is sensitive to almost everything I applied to it and simple things like touching with fingertips would cause huge pimples to arise. The main problem with acne is that everyone’s skin is different, not every treatment will work for everyone.

OBAGI CLENZIderm M.D. Normal To Dry is a acne system for mild to severe acne and comes in a 3 order package. 1 is a daily foaming wash, 2 is a cream that contains a well know acne fighting ingredient, Benzoyl Peroxide and the third is a moisturiser for when skin may become dry. This is my favourite acne treatment I have ever used because it’s easy to use, gives quick results and cheaper than most acne systems on the market today. See my results reviewed here, I recommend it to everyone!

OBAGI is a very good way to stop, clear and prevent acne vulgaris within weeks of using however using these free tips can reduce your acne within a couple of days and prevent acne breakouts forming naturally:

  • When showering always wash hair first, so that the natural oils, grease and hairs do not wash onto your face, neck and back, causing acne breakouts
  • Never touch your acne prone skin with bare fingertips or hands. The hands and fingertips come in contact with many different surfaces in the day and they then can spread all the dirt, bacteria and germs onto acne.
  • Avoid squeezing pimples unless really needed. Putting pressure on inflamed areas can cause more pimples and acne breakouts to form around the original pimple.
  • Cell phones are smothered in bacteria and cause acne breakouts on cheeks, skin and anywhere they come in contact with.

These simple steps can help your acne breakouts calm down especially in your teenage years.

We spoke about hormones before causing acne vulgaris to become worse and the foods you eat will contribute to your hormonal activity. For example, foods like pizza, burgers and French fries are greasy and these foods once consumed will cause hormones to become more active than normal. These greasy foods will make sebaceous glands produce more oil on the skin thus making the chances of pores becoming blocked and pimples forming more likely.

FACT – Dairy products such as milk and cheese are scientifically known to cause acne breakouts. These are to be avoided if you are trying to clear skin up. Dairy foods have the same impact on hormones as of junk foods so avoiding these will help reduce acne dramatically.

In Conclusion

Acne vulgaris is a treatable skin condition that requires attention and by using these tips and tricks you can reduce your own acne. However if you are looking for a way to get rid of acne quickly and by using actual treatment then I strongly suggest you see the review for the system I used, and still use to this date. Unfortunately many people are not recommended with highly rated acne medications and treatments from a early start that treat acne effectively and do not have any good recommendations to start with. I have suffered from acne but not much anymore thanks to CLENZIderm. Click Here to see more reviews about dermatologist products.

Acne Treatment Review Clenziderm md normal to dry

What’s Your Secret Acne Treatment?




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