“How Do You Get Pimples?” The Secrets Of Acne And Pimples

Acne And Pimples are those red sore lumps on the skin that turn into pustules, white heads and blackheads also known as spots and nodules.

These side effects of the skin condition called acne vulgaris are embarrassing, upsetting and depressing for the population that suffer from them and it can cause lack of confidence, self esteem, bullying and that’s why they need to be “gotten rid of” and quick. However once acne has been and gone it leaves holes, pits and scars in the skin where it once was and these can be more heart breaking than acne it self. There are many forms of acne and areas it is common to have and they are the back, face, neck, shoulders and chest.

Pimples are classed as acne and your going to find out everything about them with nothing skipped. Acne pimples
How Do You Get Acne Pimples?
There are a number of causes for pimples to arise on those days when they are not welcome and your trying to look your best (Weddings, parties and socials) and I am going to tell you them all and explain how so you will never need to know anything else.
The most common causes of pimples:


  • Hormones: At certain ages in your life you hormones will generally be more active than others. Teenagers suffer from acne the most and this is because the body is growing from a child to an adult. Roughly at the age of 9-11 the body will undergo some changes and the  sebaceous glands underneath the skin will become routinely more active. Its the sebaceous glands job to produce oil to keep the skin from drying out, keeping hairs moist and prevent damaging. Children’s sebaceous glands produce hardly any oil before puberty ‘kicks in’ however when teenage years appear these glands produce about 5x more oil which makes the skin oily. This oil is one of the main causes of acne because it blocks pores, caused irritation and cause pimples to appear.
  • Irritation: Pimples biggest rival is irritation, this is because irritation is a very common cause of those random pimples you get that make you wonder “How did I get that random pimple”. When two parts rub for example the chin with a scarf this causes the skin to become irritated and will react with inflammation, sore red lumps under the skin. This can be easily avoided by not touching acne prone areas if you have acne regularly (Acne Prone Skin).
  • Cleansing: The oil that builds up on skin can cause pimples and to keep these under control it is advised to use a good daily cleanser that will not irate skin or cause acne breakouts. What people do not realise is that your skin is very sensitive to products, chemicals and daily habits and using a good face wash for morning and night you can greatly reduce the chances of pimples occurring and oil builds up. Keep reading to find out the best treatment for existing pimples and cures to stop pimples.
  • Foods: All foods are categorized into High and Low GI foods and what this means is when foods are consumed, are they turned into glucose and high GI foods cause hormones to be more active in the process and low GI foods are less active. High GI foods can cause acne breakouts more frequently and examples of these foods are cereals, white rice and white bread. These can cause random pimple breakouts because the hormones in the body are working harder for the body and this affects the sebaceous glands oil production.
  • Fingertips: Hands and fingers go through a lot every day and touch millions of surfaces and pick up bacteria, dirt and oils. Should you touch your pimples with your fingertips now that I told you that? Picking, squeezing and touching acne prone areas can cause pimples to become angry/red due to the bacteria and dirt getting into pores from your hands. Phones also are a culprit for pimples because phones touch many surfaces daily and when using the phone against the side of the face it can cause acne breakouts.
  • Hair wax and Gel: If you suffer from pimples on your forehead and head then it could be because the gel, wax and hair spray your using could be irritating your skin causing to breakout. This can easily be reduced by reducing those sticky gels, wax and sprays and using them less often.
  • Sleep Patterns: Now you may be thinking “what I cannot change that” but what I mean by this is what positions you sleep in and how soft your pillow case is. Please refer to Sleep Away Acne 


    How Do You Get Pimples?

Pimples can be caused my many different factors and any of these can cause acne breakouts to summon war upon your skin so avoiding all of these can reduce acne greatly and quickly. So you have learnt about how you get pimples now lets talk about getting rid of pimples effectively with trusted high demand treatment for those “embarrassing pimples” so they can be gone forever and beyond.

How Do You Get Rid Of Pimples?

Pimples are easy when you understand how to get rid of them and stop them from returning. There are many effective treatments that clear up acne within weeks. If you looking for a good treatment that WILL reduce acne, eliminate existing acne and stop it from coming back then this completely natural treatment can benefit you greatly.

How Do You Get Pimples?

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Natural is the best way to treat acne because it is safe, quick and easy and has no side effects. Some tropical treatments contain strong chemicals in which do work however can cause excessive dry skin, inflammation and burning sensations. Because of this we recommend this high demand acne system of the century. If you suffer from acne then you have probably heard about this products success. But before you buy see the review on it just to be sure you are getting the best out of this system.

Acne No More will take a completely different approach to any other treatment you have tried and that is one of the reasons why it is so popular and easy. Most people claim there pimples, spots and zits to have died down within 2-3 weeks and many say that its completely gone by 3 months. This treatment is one of a kind and not one to ignore If you suffer from pimples every day. Plus it has a 100% Money back guarantee so you can buy in confidence.

how do you get rid of pimples

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In conclusion 

The pimples, spots and zits that you suffer from can be “embarrassing, annoying and depressing” but you have learnt how to control your pimples breakouts and how to treat them naturally for best results. Using the advice and tips I have given you, you could be acne free within a month and laughing at your old situation. (Trust me I’ve been there and thrilled its gone). Get your Acne No More Today cheaper than anywhere else here.









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