“Pimples On Chin And Jawline” How To Get Rid Of Them Fast!

 Get Rid Of Pimples On Chin And Jawline

Pimples appear in some very strange places but the most common places for acne pimples are the face, back, neck, shoulders, and back. However pimples on the chin, scalp, legs, bum and tongue are becoming more common and are easily solved if you know how.

I am going to talk about the causes of pimples and how you can stop those annoying acne breakouts from rearing there ugly heads. Because There Not Wanted!

Causes of pimples on chin

Jawline And Chin Pimples

Jawline And Chin Pimples

The Jawline and Chin when inflamed with pimples, spots and acne breakouts can really be irritating and aggravating. When these pimples appear they catch you by surprise because they are not always visible in the morning mirror so they need to be stopped and fast. Here are 5 Ways to Stop Pimples Completely on the Chin and Jawline.

  1. Irritation: If your not a regular when it comes to having pimples, then do not panic if this is your first pimple(s). One of the biggest causes of pimples is from irritating and that includes itching, picking, contact with items and interaction with fingertips. All of these can cause unnecessary breakouts of pimples and spots. Scarves, head wear and hoods can irritate skin when its sensitive and cause skin to become red, sore and inflamed with a pimple. To avoid this you simple need to make sure the area is cleansed before letting items of clothing become in contact chin and jawline: If you still looking for the right Cleansers for your skin then see what others are saying at Amazon Here.
  2. Daily Face Washes: What do you use to wash your face morning and night? Could that be causing your random pimple breakouts? Look at your cleansers, face washes and shower gels to see if they could be the causes of pimples and making skin sore. Harsh soups and abrasive washes will never make pimples go away, after all acne pimples are not dirty and cannot be washed away with scrubbing, scratching and washing more than twice a day.
  3. Picking & Squeezing: This is a bad habit and everyone does it. The truth is that if you pick and squeeze pimples and spots they will not go away however irritate acne breakouts. It simply makes the surrounding area worse and then irritated thus causing more pimples. Avoid this to see improvements.
  4. Spot Creams: Your existing inflammations and angry spots need a helping hand. Buy a simple spot cream to use over these to help the inflammation. Or Alternatively read the new natural cure that clears up acne effectively without using any creams.
  5. Foods: Foods you eat can cause breakouts because some foods like cereal, takeaways and sugars cause hormones in the body to escalate rapidly which results in the production of excess oil which increases the chances of acne (pimples). These can be stopped by eating The Top 5 Acne Killer Foods.

The Process Of A Pimple

Skin routinely creates an oil called Sebum. This sebum is created under the skin by the sebaceous glands which then pushes the oil up through pores on to the surface of the skin. On its way it removes bacteria, dead skin cells and dirt to keep skin fresh, moist and to prevent damage.

These dead skin cells, bacteria  and excess oily sebum can get pushed back over the pore and cause a blockage or causes a sticky plug when being pushed out of the pore. This is why irritation can cause pimples and touching skin with fingertips can cause acne pimples to become worse.

Under the skin, the sebaceous gland will still produce sebum that will try and push oil out of the pore but because its blocked it will instead increase in size, becoming inflamed because bacteria is trapped in the pore. The white blood cells will rush in to fight of the bacteria. This will eventually look like a red lump with a white centre.


Pimples On Chin And Jawline

Pimple Free Face 😀

If you look after your skin, it will look after you and using a mild cleanser for morning and night can really benefit your skin and reduce pimples from returning. If you prefer natural ways to keep skin looking healthy and clear then oils such as Grape Seed Oil are very good ways to keep skin calm, soothed and clear naturally.

In conclusion

Pimples can randomly appear out of the blue but most of the time its because of simple habits, foods and irritation. These all can be prevented to reduce chin and jawline pimples and acne breakouts occurring. With these simple tips you can now finally ‘get rid of pimples’ and start enjoying the little things. Here are some points to remember if you don’t want pimples anymore.

  • Avoid Touching
  • Good Foods
  • Do Not squeeze
  • Find a Good Daily Cleanser
  • Use a Good Pimple Cream for Existing Pimples (CLICK HERE)

Share what really works for your skin below…


4 Thoughts on ““Pimples On Chin And Jawline” How To Get Rid Of Them Fast!

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  3. Chin Acne on June 27, 2013 at 9:03 am said:

    I agree about what you say about picking and squeezing your pimples. This is one of the worse things you can do. As you say it does make the surrounding area worse and can cause more pimples. So resist the temptation to do this.

  4. Jawline Acne on August 1, 2013 at 7:17 am said:

    Your advice on ways to stop pimples on the chin and jawline is right on the mark. Things such as picking and squeezing pimples is bad because it will; make the area worse as well as more irritated. You need to treat the pimple with a spot cream to help reduce the irritation.

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