Surprising Bird Poo Cure For Acne Better Than The Best Acne Treatments (Truth Or Myth)?

Bird Poop For Acne

Believe it or not but bird poop has been introduced to cure /treat acne and has been showing some surprisingly scary results.

“What is the world coming to” you may be thinking however this is not a new treatment for skin. In fact it is ancient and has been used for many years in japan and the east for everything from removing stains out of clothes to whitening teeth. Yuk! Even some monks used it to polish their shaved heads. Next time you get pooped on,is it still unlucky but could save you some money! Unfortunately we are not talking about any bird poop however there is one bird in particular called the Japanese bush warbler (Cettia diphone) or more commonly known as the nightingale.  (according to it lives in japan and is more heard that seen due to its distinctive calls in the spring).

These birds poop is rich with enzymes  – amino acids used to heal skin and acne. This new miracle is becoming more and more famous by the minute and a new spa in new york is treating many acne patients which charges $180 for their bird poop treatment. But the questions is… How can this bird poop cure acne and is it a myth?

Is Bird Poop On The Acne Good?

Firstly it is not raw bird poop or fresh bird poop (not saying its old) but is safe because when they farm the poop from these birds in japan they sanitize under ultraviolet light to kill all harmful bacteria, then its put into a cement like machine for almost a day so it becomes a dry odorless powder. After the power is shipped/delivered to the spa they will then mix(small amount) it with warm water and organic rice bran to create a paste to apply to the skin. Left on for 20 minutes and then you will start to smell what really is on your face.

The name for this bird poop facial is called uguisu no fun(Nightingale Droppings in Japanese) and will leave skin feeling smooth, exfoliated, soft and cleansed.  Uguisu no fun sounds like no fun but is working wonders for acne because it clears pores, dead skin cells, lightens skin, balance skin tones and kills bacteria which are all related to acne and are common causes.

Better That The Best Acne Treatments Tho?

So we have found Japans big secret now lets find out if it is better than common everyday acne (pimples, spots and blackheads) treatment creams and products.

Acne Vulgaris(acne) is the term for pimples, spots, blackheads, whiteheads and pustules that appear on the skin. Most treatments on the market to date use tropical ingredients to break down pimples, remove excess oil and dead skin cells whilst reducing inflammation. However these treatments for e.g. Benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and sulfur can have side effects and cause drying, soreness and peeling of the skin.  These are very effective against acne and concentrate on teenage and adult acne. How can bird poop simply be better than these?

Firstly its organic, natural and will not dry skin, peel or cause soreness because it its natural and does not have many known side effects. The Enzymes in uguisu no fun are ‘Fat-degrading and whitening enzymes the even out pimples, spots acne whilst whitening skin and balancing skin tones.  This simply means that you can probably get the same effect from the best acne treatments but with less side effects with bird poop on your face! Compared to enxternally used acne treatments and products I think the bird poop is worth a try if you are desperate to get rid of acne!


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 Tell Us What You Think And If You Would Really Use This New Phenomena! would love to hear what you think on this subject and if you would try this (for a laugh or seriously) by leaving a comment below. David Beckham and Victoria have been reported seen in these spas for unusual treatment and more celebrities are now “tweeting” like birds about it too. What Do You Think?


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4 Thoughts on “Surprising Bird Poo Cure For Acne Better Than The Best Acne Treatments (Truth Or Myth)?

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  4. Acne Sucks on July 31, 2013 at 11:13 am said:

    I have never heard of this treatment before, but as you say bird poo is rich in things such as amino acids which are good for the skin. I suppose this treatment is no different to a mud facial. That has been around for years and no one thinks twice about having one. It just the thought of having bird dropping on your face that might put many people off this acne treatment.

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